delightful experiences

    for your clients


    Analyze how customers interact with your brand,

    touchpoint by touchpoint





    Generate awesome

    interaction ideas



    Work from scratch to plan your customer's every move

    and create innovative journeys


    Get stakeholders buy-in

    on your vision



    Discover the best way to visualize customer journeys

    and measure customer satisfaction



  • Meet Bagheera.


    Your customer's experience is finally at your fingertips.

    You can start right now with

    a free-forever journey.

    Cool, huh?

  • Product features

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    Smart persona mapping

    Persona mapping like you've never seen it before. Go beyond personal data and create a strategy based on the core psychological factors that drive your clients.

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    Intuitive interface

    You'll find Bagheera user friendly and easy to use. We have provided tutorials and info boxes explaining the technical stuff, so you can get started mapping your customer journeys in a breeze!

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    Don't just analyze. Create.

    Bagheera is a creative planning tool as much as an analytical one. Build your campaigns piece by piece by browsing over 100 preset communication channels and deciding at what stage clients should encounter them and how they should behave.

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    Best practice-based customer motivating factors and CX factors

    Customer experience is at the core of Bagheera. For each touchpoint, you'll be able to define several CX factors (for ex. how accessible or memorable it is) and get an overall CX score to play with.

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    In-depth, actionable analytics

    After mapping your journeys, you'll be able to display beautiful and insightful analytics, to gain an in-depth understanding of where you are giving your customers the best and where you may want to make improvements.

  • Start creating customer journey maps now

    and revolutionize the way you thought about customer experience!

  • Who is it for?

    Made by UX professionals

    for UX professionals.

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    UX Designers

    A brand new way to analyze UX at each touchpoint, applying all best practices

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    Create in one hour an outstanding, neat, custom journey map that sells for $2500+

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    Ensure successful a product launch by planning customer interaction in advance

  • Pricing


    Free plan


    $0.00 forever


    Need to map just one journey? it's on us!




    • One project with:
      • One journey
      • One persona
      • Unlimited touchpoints

    • Email support within 48 hours








    Need a one-off customer journey map? We've got you covered!



    Bagheera PRO



    For recurring users, this is the perfect plan.




    • Two projects per month, each with:
      • Four journeys
      • Four personas
      • Unlimited touchpoints
    • Custom CX factors
    • Persona custom fields 
    • Touchpoint custom fields
    • Email support within 24 hours








    ...all the awesomeness of Bagheera in a simple, inexpensive package!



    Bagheera FULL




    Serious about customer

    journey maps? Check this out!



    • Unlimited projects per month, each with:
      • Unlimited journeys
      • Unlimited personas
      • Unlimited touchpoints
    • Custom CX factors
    • Persona custom fields 
    • Touchpoint custom fields
    • Email support within 12 hours







    Unlimited everything!



  • Ready to unleash the panther?



    Or, find out how customer journey mapping can help you make your clients happy

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