• Wait, so what is this Customer Journey Mapping?

  • Tell the story of your customer's experience in a simple, powerful way.

    Customer journey mapping is a simple yet powerful framework to analyze how your clients interact with your brand. Unlike the traditional funnel, customer journey mapping enables you to get a clear picture of each interaction and tell a coherent story across all channels and market segments.


    So why should you use customer journey mapping?

    Here's three reasons:

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    When thinking about how to reach a target market for the first time, remove the guesswork and plan your customer interactions step by step.

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    When analyzing an existing product, service or business, you can get a clear overview of how your brand interacts with your customers and how they feel at each interaction.

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    Insight is only useful when shared. Customer journey mapping can help you clarify your goals and strategies to your team like no other tool.

  • Ok, so how does it work in practice?

    Learn customer journey mapping best practices with Bagheera.

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    1. Personas

    First of all, you'll start by mapping a persona. Imagine your ideal clients for your project: who are they? What do they like? What are the motivating factors that prompt them to act?

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    2. Stages

    A journey map develops through the various stages of customer interaction with the brand. Traditionally, these stages have been identified as being awareness, consideration, purchase , fruition and referral. For each of these stages, Bagheera will enable you to figure out how your customers behave and how satisfied they are.

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    3. Channels

    Channels are the means by which a brand reaches out to its clients. From flyers to VR apps, from TV ads to Instagram, Bagheera comes pre-loaded with more than 100 channels. Unleash your strategic creativity and match each persona and stage with the right channel!

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    4. Touchpoints

    Touchpoints are the most important concept in Bagheera. It's where channels and stages come together to create a memorable experience for each persona. But you'll be able to do much more than just match these variables: in Bagheera you can define each persona's mindset for each touchpoint and analyze your client's experience.

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    5. Customer experience

    In Bagheera, we apply globally recognized good practices for analyzing your client's experience. Define up to six CX parameters for each touchpoint and our algorithm will calculate a CX score for each. You'll then be able to dissect and compare CX scores across personas, touchpoints and stages, to get a crystal clear picture of how your clients are experiencing your brand.

  • FAQ

    Is customer journey mapping a useful tool for me?

    - If you are a UX designer/strategist and you want to get a clear picture of what your customers feel

    - If you design products or services for a company and want to plan how customers are going to interact with it

    - If you are a consultant planning a business for your client

    - If you are a marketing or design agency devising a new product or service for your clients

    ... then chances are customer journey mapping can be really useful for you!


    Still not sure whether you should try Bagheera? Start drawing your first map with pen and paper and get familiar with the concepts.

    Where can I find data for my customer journey?

    - If you are planning for a new product or service, ideally you should look at industry reports and find benchmarks. It is not essential that you find the exact data you need to use, just that you get a fair picture of what your target market looks like and what are the industry standards.


    - If you are analyzing an existing campaign/business/product/service, ideally you should interview a sample of your clients, and ask them how they would rate their experience at each touchpoint. Alternatively, you role-play with your team and put yourself in your customer's shoes, and then brainstorm on your customer experience.

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